1-year-old Jacob was left alone with dru.nk babysitter: then the unthinkable happens


When you leave your child in someone else’s hands, you expect that person to take the job seriously.

Being a babysitter means you earned a great deal of trust from the parents — they trust you to take care of their most precious gift in the world.

But, unfortunately, there are tragic examples where babysitters, preschool teachers, and others who should be a child’s protector become something completely different.

Taking the time to choose the right babysitter with the proper qualifications means you have significantly greater chances of actually finding the right person.

That said, no one should have to go through what Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury experienced a couple of years ago.

Parents Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury from Oregon wanted some time to themselves and went out to eat at a restaurant, without their son, Jacob.

Source : Maka Maka

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