14-year-old Amy Barlow pregnant in shock new Corrie storyline


Coronation Street teenager Amy Barlow is set to fall pregnant in a dramatic new storyline in 2019, leaving her parents Tracy and Steve McDonald in turmoil. The 14-year-old will have her life turned upside down and will be then left with a decision on whether to terminate her pregnancy.

The plotline will stir scandal on the street as Tracy and Steve hit the roof, with Tracy vowing to ‘down’ the father of the child – however, it has not been confirmed whether the dad is a character we know or a newcomer to the show.

Tracy and Steve have previously been awkward about their daughter dating and earlier this year gatecrashed a house party where she was getting close to a boy. But whether or not they can offer the youngster the support she will need in this troubling time remains to be seen.

A source told The Sun: ‘Amy is seen sobbing her heart out, asking her granny Liz to help. Steve finds a pregnancy kit and tells Tracy about it and they both lose their rag. Tracy says she wants to killl the baby’s father.

New show boss Iain MacLeod recently confirmed that Amy would have a major story in the new year – and they don’t come much more major than this as actress Elle Mulvaney will be at the centre of some highly dramatic scenes.

Source: metro.co.uk

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