3 Girls Battling Cancer Posed For A Picture, But Their Update Will Leave You In Tears


What started out as a tribute to a family member has grown into a project much larger than anyone could have anticipated.

In 2014, Lora Scantling’s stepfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. As a tribute to him, she and Christy Goodger, both photographers, sent out a post on Facebook asking if there were young children battling cancer who would like to be photographed.

This project was soon named Little Heroes, and together, these photographers took pictures of many young kids.

In the middle of the picture is Rheann Franklin, who was six at the time, and fighting a rare form of brain tumor. On the left in the photograph is Rylie Hughey, three at the time, facing kidney cancer. And on the right is Ainsley Peters, five at the time, battling leukemia.

This new reunion photograph shed light on an amazing milestone for them, as all three girls were in remission, and they were more energetic and in their best spirits.

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