6 huge Coronation Street Christmas and New Year storylines are officially revealed


We’ve all heard the various rumours and speculation in recent weeks, but Coronation Street has now officially confirmed six of its big Christmas storylines.

With the festive season getting ever closer, it’s been revealed that this year’s focus will be affairs of the heart, as ongoing storylines come to a head while the local residents get into the spirit of the season. But with the stakes getting higher, the chances of peace on the cobbles are looking slim as certain residents look set to find themselves on Santa’s naughty list.

Here, we reveal six of the big storylines that Corrie will be airing over Christmas. And this is just the start, with loads more festive spoilers appearing right here on Digital Spy next month.

1. Jenny’s revenge

Jenny has tried her best to put on a brave face since discovering that Johnny cheated on her with Liz, but it hasn’t been easy as her brazen love rival has stubbornly refused to give up her job at the Rovers Return.

With the betrayal still hanging over the trio, Jenny hits the bottle for comfort and her worrying drinking sessions begin to have alarming consequences.

Turning stalker, Jenny uses a phone app to secretly track Liz’s movements and later goes a step further by finding a way to stitch her up online. But with her underhand antics becoming increasingly reckless, just how far will Jenny go to get revenge?

2. Gina turns ruthless in the battle for Tim

After months of keeping quiet about her secret feelings for her brother-in-law Tim, it seems that Gina will be ready to make a play for him over Christmas. Tim struggles to get into the festive spirit as Sally remains behind bars, but Gina is desperate to lift the mood at Number 4.

Putting herself first, selfish Gina turns deceitful by playing Sally and Tim off against each other. As Tim drowns his sorrows, Gina also makes sure that she’s never far away to offer a shoulder to cry on. Is it time for her to make her move, and if so, will Tim be tempted?

3. Lewis returns to his old tricks?

There’s great news for Audrey over the festive season when a surprise windfall comes her way, but could her charming partner Lewis Archer have his own plans for the cash?

Audrey pulls the Platt family together to celebrate her exciting news, but Gail’s mistrust of Lewis continues to cast a shadow over everything. Gail refuses to believe that the “reformed” conman really has changed his ways, and when he starts behaving oddly again, she vows to expose his true colours to Audrey once and for all.

Lewis is certainly plotting something, but is he up to his old tricks and is there more heartbreak ahead for Audrey? Plus, how will the rest of the Platts be affected – will they unite or be torn apart?

4. Daniel pulls out all the stops for Sinead

One local resident who’s determined to organise the perfect Christmas is Daniel Osbourne. Ken’s studious son was recently left devastated when his pregnant wife Sinead revealed that she has cervical cancer, so the couple are facing an uncertain future over the festive season.

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