9-yr-old with terminal can cer poses with baby sister: Days later dad sees something terrilble in boy’s face


Bailey Cooper was a young boy like any other, until the day doctors diagnosed him with an aggressive form of cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Immediately, his life was turned upside down, replaced by constant visits to the hospital and rounds of chemotherapy.

Despite that, Bradley remained positive and upbeat throughout all the trials and tribulations – he was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise terrifying time for his family.

In February 2017 there was good news. Bradley’s cancer was gone and he could return to school. His life would finally begin to have a semblance of normality.

In a cruel twist, however, by Easter 2017 the family were called to the hospital for a conversation that would shatter their hearts.

Once again, the 9-year-old fought admirably against the odds, all the while battling the disease with a courage reserved for the very hardiest of types.

The family was so proud of their little boy. They crossed their fingers and hoped that this would be the last time cancer would ever impact their lives.

In August 2017, however, mere months after being cleared, the family were given a hammer blow. The cancer had returned for a third time, and the forecast was bleak indeed.

“Rachel took him into hospital, and they said to get me in,” Bailey’s dad Lee said, according to the Bristol Post.

“I got out of work and came immediately. I was thinking about what the doctors had said before when they said if the cancer came back, there was nothing else they could do.

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