A man became cross-eyed for farting and sneezing at the same time


The human body is one of the most complex machines in the world. Some vital functions can cross with others, it can cause untenable chaos in the organism. For example, peeing and pooping at the same time is very pleasant, but other actions like sneezing and farting simultaneously can be very dangerouus.

A man has squinted suddenly when farting and sneezing at the same time. The events happening this morning at his home in Getafe (Spain) when Pablo, 58, woke up to go to work: “Usually, when I get up I fart, but I do not usually sneeze until noon. This time it happens at the same time and that was terrible for me”.

The doctors gave him a solution for his problem that they think will work fine: “You have to try to get that situation again, and everything will be ok, as always. It’s that easy”, said an ophthalmologist.

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