All-girl dance team take the floor, only for crowd to lose it when lights abruptly go out


There’s something about group dances done well which is positively mesmerizing. When a number of people can work in perfect synchronization with each other, all playing their own small part in a well-oiled machine, it makes for brilliant viewing. Those seeking an example of what I’m talking about need only look so far as the Dodge City High School, who were chosen to host the 76th annual Tournament of Champions.

The school’s basketball team made it to the finals of the competition, but it was their drill team that stole the headlines with their half-time performance. The first half was spectacular, before the lights suddenly went out mid-song …

Sue Kidd, a fan of the drill team, wrote on the school’s Facebook page: “A bit of background for Dodge City HS, located on the western plains of KS. Total enrollment is 2000 students, 81% are minority and of that 76% Hispanic, and with low unemployment in the community.

“The school is focused on academic success AND respect for all students through a strong focus on character development. This is an example of that success. Congratulations!

Naturally, there was an abundance of shows performed in-between games and at half-time, but none of them came close to Dodge City’s drill team. You see, making the finals was a big deal for the school, so their team had gone to great lengths to ensure their dance lived up to the occasion.

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