An Important Symptom Of Influenza Parents Need To Watch Out For. This Could Save A Child’s Life!


Your child may not be showing any other symptoms of Influenza, or the flu. They may not have a cough, a runny nose, or a sore throat, however, if they start getting the hives rash on their skin and when they scratch, more appear, this is an important symptom of the flu that parents need to be aware of.

ne day, nurse and mother, Brodi Willard’s son came home from school and she noticed he had the hives rash on his skin. As he scratched, more would appear. Because of this, Brodi called his pediatrician and was told to bring him in because two other children came in that day with the same symptom and they were tested for influenza and the test came back positive.

No one has ever heard of this symptom before but it is now a major symptom of the flu. Parents need to take this as an important symptom and warning to watch out for. This is especially true since there have been 37 reported influenza deaths in children during the 2017-2018 flu season already. That is a big number and very scary!

Make sure to share this with everyone you know! Don’t just read this post and ignore because sharing something like this important post may help save children’s lives during this flu season. You could save a life!

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