BBC News: Louise Minchin calls co-star ‘a disgrace’ in HUGE swipe


BBC BREAKFAST’S Louise Minchin branded her BBC colleague Ben Thompson “a disgrace” on the programme today but it was thankfully just another hilarious joke as the pair discussed where the best place to book a holiday this time of year is.

Louise Minchin, 50, and Charlie Stayt, 56, were presenting BBC Breakfast together this morning. They were also joined by their Business Correspondent, Ben Thompson, who was presenting a feature on where to book a holiday this year.

He has just finished speaking to Inspiring Travel Company’s Chairman, Jennifer Atkinson, and he decided to do something which neither Louise nor Charlie found to be very professional.

“No, it’s not appropriate,” repeated Charlie, who really seemed perturbed by Ben’s actions. Louise and Charlie then moved swiftly onto the next story. Meanwhile, Charlie left viewers outraged on the programme yesterday when he interviewed two football players during the sports segment of the BBC news programme, asking them a trivial question about the sport.

Charlie asked: “Can I ask about, you talked about the mind game thing, I’m not that familiar with how this works,” he began.

“Do they come out the tunnel together?” Charlie asked, referring to the beginning of the match when the players walk out on to the field.

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