CatEye Quick is a bike commuter’s computer


It was just yesterday that we heard about the CatEyeSYNC system, which allows up to seven bike lights to be controlled by one smartphone. Well, CatEye has also recently introduced its Quick cyclocomputer, designed with budget-minded commuters in mind.

Traditionally, cycling computers are fancy rectangular things made for people who are into hardcore training – the devices display data such as heart rate, cadence and power output, along with the basics. By contrast, the Quick’s small circular LCD screen shows users only the basics, which is probably all that most commuters and recreational riders will be interested in anyway.

By pressing on the weatherproof computer’s mode button, users can switch between screens that display current speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, total distance, trip time, and time of day. A wireless analog speed sensor and a corresponding wheel magnet are included to obtain speed data.

Power for both the computer and the sensor are provided by one coin cell battery each. These should be good for a claimed one year of one-hour-per-day use in the case of the computer, or about 10,000 km (6,250 miles) of riding where the sensor is concerned.

The Quick computer itself weighs 24 grams, and can be removed from its handlebar bracket when the bike is left unattended. It should be available (along with its speed sensor and wheel magnet) as of September, priced at US$65.

Potential buyers might also want to check out the Haiku commuter-oriented cyclocomputer.

Source : Newatlas

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