Challenge: Can You Spot Which Cat Is Different From The Rest?


Lately, I’ve started spending more time on brainteasers, crosswords and other challenges and games that really get the mind going. It’s a great habit to get into. I feel like it keeps the mind extra sharp, and is sorely needed in this day and age where computers do everything for us.

The activity can be very simple – it doesn’t have to be complicated at all. The important thing is that you start thinking and activating your brain, and if there’s a fun competitive side to it, then that’s even more exciting.

The brainteaser below is a perfect example of something that provides us with a much needed break from working or watching TV. Just staring at a screen all day can be really taxing, and that’s when you need to stimulate your mind a bit.

Solving illusions, riddles and puzzles forces what’s inside your head to work together with your eyes. And training your senses to work in unison really pays off in the long run.

Time limit: 10 seconds
According to YouTube channel EG Mines, most people can’t solve this brainteaser in 10 seconds. I made it just in time, but it’s not as easy at it appears.

There are 3 cartoon cats in the image below. The challenge is to see which one is different from the rest. There’s a specific detail you need to spot in order to solve this one.

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