Clayton returns to Corrie for gritty story and destroys David and Shona?


David Platt and Shona Ramsay might be on to a good thing right now, but it’s not set to last for them in Coronation Street with a Clayton Hibbs return on the cards. David’s happiness could be in jeopardy by the reappearance of his wife’s ki… – he has worked hard to put Shona’s link to Clayton behind them, deciding to let his heart rule his head, and the pair grew even closer through his rape ordeal.

It did look like wedding bells could be on the cards, but is Clayton set to ruin everything? Speaking to, show producer Iain MacLeod has revealed he will return and could be embroiling mum Shona in a plot that might put her own freedom at risk. Could it mean the end of Shona and David?

‘We’ve got a story where Clayton will rear his ugly, criminal head,’ Iain explained. ‘He throws a massive spanner in the works for David and he tries to embroil Shona in a plot to smuggle into prison.

It becomes a story about Shona and her son and throws into question David and Shona’s relationship.


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