Cliff Richard says Coronation Street ‘chubby’ jibe sparked two stone weight loss


SIR CLIFF RICHARD has revealed what led him to lose an impressive two stone, saying a comment about his weight prompted the change. The 78-year-old star said his weight hasn’t changed for many years, having slimmed down following a joke about his size on Coronation Street.

I used to weigh two stone heavier than I am now but I changed it quite quickly,” he told LBC’s Steve Allen in an interview set to air tomorrow morning. “In fact, it started when I heard – on Coronation Street, one of the characters was sitting in the snug and she said, ‘Ooh I love that chubby Cliff Richard’” he recalled.

“I went ‘chubby Cliff Richard’? I looked in the mirror and I thought, I’ve got a bit chubby. And I used to weigh 12 stone 7lbs and I’m now to about 10 [stone] eight, 10 [stone] nine,” the Summer Holiday hitmaker revealed. I don’t fluctuate very much. I started a regime – eating food that’s right for my bloood.

Again I don’t know whether that’s a feasible thing but it made sense to me,” he told the radio host. “And what I found was I lost a little bit of weight and then stayed static. And I eat what I should eat and treat myself now and then.

Sir Cliff recently admitted to turning down the opportunity to meet his idol due to the fact the star had been “putting on weight”.

Talking on The Jonathan Ross Show about his musical hero, Elvis Presley, the singer said he had been offered the chance to meet the icon by a journalist while he was in America promoting his single Devil Woman. He remembered telling the writer: “If there had been no Elvis, there’d have been no Cliff Richard.


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