Cop sees woman walking 12 miles to work everyday – goes beyond duty and surprises her with heartwarming gift


Being nice to those who need a smile and a comforting word can cost you nothing, but it can mean the world to that one person who’s feeling down. I believe that living and coexisting can only be achieved if we care for one another, no matter if we are family, friends, or strangers.

Sergeant Scott Bass from the Nash County Sheriffs Office has been working as a patrol officer for a half and a year now. Being on the road, he comes across different people with different life stories. However, what caught his eye recently was a woman whom he had often seen walking down the sidewalk.

He can’t explain why, but somehow he felt the urge to approach the lady and ask her how she was doing and where she was headed to. Doing so was a start of the amazing story that follows.

The morning was cold and Sergeant Bass was on his spot when he saw the lady dressed up nicely. He assumed she was going to work but he still decided to follow his instinct and have a little chat with her not knowing that it will be a life changing decision for both of them.

She told him her name was Jaylesya Corbett and she worked at a Bojangles which was six miles away from her place of living. Hearing this, he was left in disbelief. He couldn’t understand how this woman could walk 12 miles daily just to get to work and back home.

It took Jaylesya about an hour and a half to get to work, and then the same amount of time to come back home by foot. An this didn’t happen occasionally, but every single day. Sergeant Bass felt sorry for Jaylesya and he promised to himself that he would find a way to ease her arrival to work.

From that moment on, he would give her a ride anytime he could, especially when the weather conditions were unfavorable. However, he was aware it wasn’t a permanent solution so he set out to the local Walmart to see if they could help. He told them about Jaylesya’s strong work ethic and perseverance and that resulted in them giving her a free bike.

A new bike meant cutting the commute in half, and was way better than walking that many miles. Jaylesya was happy and delighted with the gift, but she was even more grateful for the people like Sgt. Bass who are committed to helping others and making this world a better place.

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