Cops Find Duffel Bag In Woods, Horrified By What Man Thought No One Would Ever See


Cops in Covington, Georgia, were in the middle of an investigation when they suddenly spotted an odd duffel bag in the woods. When they opened up the abandoned bag, they were immediately left horrified when they saw what a sick man thought no one would ever find.

Christopher Michael McNabb and his girlfriend Cortney Marie Bell were the parents of a beautiful little girl, named Caliyah C. McNabb. Sadly. When they went to check on her and her 2-year-old sister in the morning, they were horrified to learn that the 15-day-old infant wasn’t in her crib.

The police began to question Caliyah’s mother, who was eventually released. However, when they approached Christopher to be questioned, he took off running when the cops mentioned that they had discovered Caliyah’s body — immediately incriminating himself. Of course, he didn’t make it far before police apprehended him and immediately charged him with a probation violation.

It’s a shame that this little girl’s life was cut short – and likely by her own father. Although it can be stressful and overwhelming when a new child comes into your home, those moments are short-lived and are outweighed by the joy and love a child usually brings.

You have to be a sick person to take the life of your own child. Not only did he harm his infant but he disposed of the body in the woods and proceeded to act like she was missing the following morning. Clearly, this man is not right in the head and deserves whatever is coming for him.

There’s no doubt that he will get treated just as he should by his cellmates as soon as they learn what this sick coward did to his own 15-day-old child. Children are a blessing from God, and it’s a sad world we live in where parents can bring harm to their own offspring. Those who have no appreciation for life don’t deserve to live theirs in a civilized society. This is the kind of evil that can’t be rehabilitated, so hopefully, a judge will lock this.

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