Coronation Street fans gobsmacked as ‘tight’ Jenny pays UNDER minimum wage


She’s given Emma Brooker a job behind the bar while she’d gone for some alone time with Chesney Brown. Jenny and Johnny discovered the pub in a complete mess and weren’t happy to find out it was down to Emma. She’d left the pub in a state but was banking on Gemma tidying up – though she’d been otherwise distracted.

Emma didn’t seem to see a problem, asking Jenny for her wages and explaining how excited she was to start working there. But Jenny handed over just £25 for four hours of work, telling Gemma that she’d be docking it from her wages.

Viewers worked out that meant Emma was paid £6.25 per hour, assuming that she had been paid under the minimum wage. One said: “£25 for four hours? That’s not even minimum wage. Tight gits.

Another tweeted: “Emma worked four hours in the Rovers and earned £25. In other words she got paid under the minimum wage. And a third wrote: “£25 for four hours work? That’s not even minimum wage, you tight b***** Jenny.”

However, it’s thought that Emma is around 20, meaning her hourly minimum wage for 2019 to 2020 would actually be £6.15. She was in the year above Bethany Platt at Weatherfield High, with Bethany being born in June 2000.

The minimum wage for those 21 to 24 is £7.70, whereas it’s £8.21 for people 25 and over. So while it doesn’t seem a lot for four hours of work, Jenny was well within her right to hand over £25.


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