Coronation Street SPOILER: Jenny sets Liz up


Despite the fact she is tracking her every move thanks to a fancy app on her phone, Jenny Connor is STILL convinced that Liz McDonald is sharing secret rendezvous with her husband Johnny.

After discovering the pair had a steamy affair earlier this year following Aidan Connor’s tragic deaith, it’s not that surprising that Jenny is convinced her husband might be playing away once again.But while Johnny and Liz are just friends these days, Jenny is a woman on a mission to prove that the pair are sharing secret hook ups.

After putting a tracking app on her phone, Jenny knows everything Liz does. But when Liz asks Jenny if she can slip out of work for an hour next week, alarm bells start to ring for the Rovers landlady. Convinced ‘slipping out’ is code for ‘meeting up with your husband behind your back’ Jenny is convinced Liz is going to meet Johnny.

But Jenny couldn’t be further from the truth, and she’s thrilled when she follows Liz on her app and sees she’s actually meeting up with her ex, Mike Thornberry, who has invited her out for dinner.


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