Coronation Street spoilers: ‘Am I wrong?’ Viewers baffiled by Amy Barlow baby plot hole


Amy has been faced with a dilemma over whether to keep her baby on Coronation Street, after she fell pregnant from a one night stand with gang member Tyler Jefferies on the ITV soap.

However, Amy’s parents Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald said they would raise the child as their own after their daughter admitted to uncertainty over continuing the pregnancy. With Tracy threatening Tyler earlier in the week and reporting him to the police for sleeping with an underage teenager, Amy had enough and finally decided to have an aboortion.

However, scared about facing the termination on her own, Amy asked Bethany to be there when she had the termination as she didn’t want to tell her parents. Though, this led some viewers to question whether Amy could have the procedure if she didn’t have a parent or guardian with her as she is 14 years old, and took to Twitter to raise the issue.

Although a parent doesn’t have to be a present, the teenager would have needed a adult over the age of 18 to escort her home after the procedure and would have been allowed a female adult to stay in the clinic whilst she underwent the termination.

As Amy was joined by Bethany, the waitress would have been the adult on hand to support the teenager after the procedure as she did so.

Arriving back on the street, Bethany encouraged Amy to tell her parents about the termination and as she headed home, the teenager was intent on sharing her news.

Though Amy was faced with another dilemma as she walked in on Tracy and Steve celebrating they had secured an offer on a house to raise the new addition to the family.

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