Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey Roberts delivered ANOTHER cruel blow after shock deaith


Audrey had planned to retire, using the £80,000 she inherited to move on with her elderly years. And everyone pretty much knew about her plans, with David Platt ready to take on her business. She initially resolved to not cry any more about him but finds her life in turmoil.

He had been hoping to take over the hairdressers and start a strong business of his own. Although there’s no hope at the moment, it seems like David could get a venture of his own.

He said: “One of the key things that has changed in Manchester is vape shops and barbers and it felt like having a hipster barbers totally plays into David and Nick’s idea of themselves as upwardly mobile young gentleman.

“It’s also a place for our young cast to go in and drink beer but characters like Ken and Roy would also go in, thinking it was an Edwardian throwback. I want somewhere where you have Roy and Adam in adjacent chairs, shooting the breeze.

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