Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey Roberts star exposeses storyline she REIFUSED to consider


CORONATION STREET resident Audrey Roberts’ life is set to change forever over Christmas as the drama surrounding partner Lewis Archer comes to light. Amid the heartbreaking ending set up for the hairdresser, actress Sue Nicholls has spoken out about a particular storyline she refused to even consider playing for her character.

Coronation Street viewers will see Audrey Roberts take a centre role in this year’s Christmas storyline. She is set to be the centre of all the festive drama as her relationship with Lewis Archer will be criticised once again.

However, the long-serving actress, who was first seen on the soap back in 1963 has spoken about her character and the potential direction the writers wanted Audrey to go in. But, it seems Sue, who knows her character better than anyone, put her foot down when it came to one suggestion.

I said I didn’t agree, and asked: ‘Why do you think someone of a certain age who gets home after work is lonely and needs to drink? Not necessarily,'” she revealed.

“I tried to pitch it back to them that I didn’t want to play a drunk, forlorn little thing,” she explained during an interview with Radio Times.

Instead, Sue encouraged the script writers to focus on her character finding love. It’s nice to show the older characters in soap falling in love because it does happen, you hear about it all the time,” she added. And that is where Lewis came in.


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