Coronation Street spoilers: Boss reveals details on 14-year-old Amy’s pregnacy storyline


It’s the storyline that’s set to shock Weatherfield this Christmas in Coronation Street, Amy Barlow is to discover that at the age of 14 she’ll be having a baby.

It’s the biggest shock of all for Tracy and Steve, who will learn of Amy’s predicment in the coming weeks and it will prove a huge test for the unconventional family.

Are they ready to be grandparents? Given that Amy recently issued them with a contract to be better parents, the answer would seem to be no. Show boss Iain MacLeod has revealed what’s coming up for the trobled teen with Steve going ‘postal’ over the news.

‘It’s really good – it gives a leading role to Elle Mulvaney [Amy] and deserves the chance to step up and do something a bit more grown up,’ Iain continued.

So I’m very much looking forward to that. It’s also really funny – Steve and Tracy dealing with a teenage pregnancy, it’s not like a normal couple dealing with a teenage pregnancy.

There are scenes reminiscent of Peter Griffin in Family Guy – Steve goes fully postal at certain times. Very funny, classic Steve with that Corrie heartt. Heartbreaking but ridiculous at the same time.

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