Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney Brown left shocked after Gemma Winter discovery


Coronation Street viewers will see Gemma “teach” Joseph a “filthy swear word” and it won’t go down too well with Chesney. Gemma will swear in front of Joseph, with the youngster picking up the language.

Furious, Chesney will row with Gemma over the situation, and could even split up as the clash gets out of hand. The tension will comes after Gemma accidentally hurts herself and swears out loud. Later in the episode, Chesney will be seen struggling to get Joseph to go to bed.

In a bid to get him to go to sleep, Chesney threatens to ban the TV for a whole week. However, in “shocking” scenes, Joseph will hit back and swear using the word he picked up from Gemma. Gemma will be left embarrassed as Chesney fights for explanations regarding the inappropriate words.

But in a soap twist, Gemma is disgusted by the way she is spoken to by Chesney. It comes after it was revealed Gemma will discover she is pregnant later this year – with more children she will have to watch her language around.

Gemma will find out she is pregnant with quadruplets, but quickly looks for ways to make money from her four new children. Could this be the move that ultimately splits her and Chesney up after the surprise storyline? Elsewhere in the soap, Rita Tanner had to hold back from swearing herself.

Rita was left furious after being taken advance of by her own colleagues on the ITV soap. Rita was angry at The Kabin’s new owners Brian Packham and Cathy Matthews. She confronted both Brian and Cathy and unleashed how she really felt about the situation.

Rita accused the duo of going behind her back after they bought the newsagents. She then demanded the pair leave the shop immediately after venting her anger. Fuming how some colleagues step on others’ heads in order to move further up the chain, Rita was furious.

She noted how she had taught them how to use things at the company and shared her knowledge with them. Rita fumed how Brian had used her expertise to “take him to the top” for his own game. Raging that she had been stabbed in the back, Rita demanded Brian leave the shop.

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