Coronation Street spoilers: Factory collaapse victimi accidentally revealed


CORONATION STREET fans have been desperately trying to work out which beloved character will be killed when the Underworld factory coallapses in upcoming episodes. Now, it seems the ITV soap may have revealed which characters will survive.

Coronation Street viewers will be left stunned in upcoming scenes when the Underworld factory colalapses and one resident is left for deaed. Fans have been busy speculating which beloved star will be killed in the tragedy but it seems the ITV soap may have accidentally revealed who will survive.

They have just filmed scenes where cops are asking questions about Nick, his whereabouts on the day and involvement in Underworld, a source told The Sun. When the victim’s family ask officers if they think Nick did it as part of an insurance scam, they say they are exploring all lines of enquiry, but keep it vague.

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