Coronation Street spoilers: FIRST images reveal identity of Liz McDonald’s long-lost child


CORONATION STREET favourite Liz McDonald will be delivered a huge bombshell when her former partner Jim reveals their daughter has returned from the dead. The barmaid is set to come face-to-face with her child – but there is a twist. Liz McDonald is floored when her ex-husband, Jim, reveals the true reason for his return to Coronation Street in next week’s instalment of the ITV soap.

The barmaid is left shaken when Jim tells her their daughter who they thought died after being born in 1992 is, in fact, alive and well. Jim breaks the life-changing news to Liz during a lunch date at the Bistro, where he introduces their daughter Hannah, who they knew as Katie, to a shocked Liz.

The pictures are evidence Liz was not expecting to meet her long-lost daughter as a puzzled, yet curious expression crossed her face when Jim explained how Hannah came to be. Jim tells Liz there was a mix-up at the hospital in 1992 when they thought their newborn baby girl had tragically died following her birth. Explaining the error made by the hospital, Jim provides Liz with a DNA test, confirming Hannah is their child and there was a mistake made following her birth. When Jim hands Liz a photo of Hannah and urges her to get in touch she breaks down in tears.

A couple days later, Liz meets Hannah and Jim at the restaurant for lunch and is once again overcome with emotion. Telling Hannah she had waited her entire life to meet her, Liz hugs her daughter and they agree to meet again soon.

But Liz’s son, Steve, is not convinced Hannah is who she says she is and insists she do a DNA test. Will Steve’s suspicions prove correct? Or is Hannah really the person she claims to be? Also, will Liz and Jim agree to do a DNA test to determine Hannah’s true identity.

Actress Beverly told Digital Spy: “Jim breaks the news to Steve but Steve does not believe it at all, even if Steve did want to believe it he has got Tracy in his ear and of course Tracy has got the bit between her teeth. They do some searching and call Liz and Jim together to say that they don’t think Hannah is who she says she is and Steve wants to do his own DNA test.


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