Coronation Street spoilers: Kate Connor and Rana Nazir SPLIT after unexpected infidelity


CORONATION STREET has been airing difficult scenes between Kate Connor and Rana Nazir as tension rises over the need for Kate to have a baby. However, their situation turns dire when Rana reveals she doesn’t want to have a baby and Kate makes a horrible mistake.

Coronation Street viewers are in for a shock next week when Kate Connor and Rana Nazir split up. Official spoilers have revealed the couple will end their relationship when their baby plans take another surprising twist.

Scenes have recently show Kate and Robert Preston going through the legal proceedings in order for Robert to father her child. However, in upcoming episodes, Kate will be left devastated when Robert decides he can’t go through with the agreement.

Rana will finally tell her fiancé that she doesn’t want to have a baby at all, and a blazing row is sparked. Refusing to consider Rana’s admission, Kate goes to see Adam Barlow and explain the changes to the situation.

Trying to lighten the mood, Adam gets out a bottle of whiskey for the pair to enjoy. But after one too many drinks, Kate is drunk and decides Adam could be the father of her baby and tries to seduce him.

Kate had control when she had Robert on board, but one by one, the control has been taken away from her and she loses all control. She has got so desperate and she is thinking of nothing other than a baby and how it will fix everything and make it all okay.


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