Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley is back but is his heart with Leanne or Carla?


Nick Tilsley is heading back to Coronation Street in coming weeks, with Ben Price already having been back filming for a while. But the question on everyone’s lips is whether he will come between Carla Connor and Peter Barlow – or whether his heart still might lie with Leanne.

After Nick left, his relationship with Leanne was left in tatters but there is no denying that there is unfinished business there. They have loved each other on and off for most of their adult lives and so there will surely be tension at some stage. Meanwhile, things between Nick and Carla ended in an even worse state as their wedding day fell to pieces following Carla’s one night stand with Robert. Carla is now fighting her feelings for her other ex, Peter, who also happens to be one of Nick’s biggest enemies.

And Alison King recently confirmed that Nick would always have a place in her alter ego’s heart so could a reunion be on the cards – and where would that leave Peter? She said: ‘Nick was the love of her life and he was the calm one. He is the calm grown up, the one that would have been good for her, and then there is Peter who couldn’t be more different.

There is a lot there to be explored, it will interesting to see what impact his return has’ Either way, the foursome are always at the centre of high drama when they’re together so we expect there to be no shortage of conflict and temptation when everyone comes face to face with Nick again.

But let’s not forget, the story won’t just be dominated by Nick’s potential love life. Since he left, his brother David has been raped and Nick hasn’t been around to support the family – does he even know what happened? There’s also the fact that Lewis Archer is back in the fold too, dating Audrey Roberts again. Nick is going to have to his the ground running to get his head around all of this.


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