Coronation Street spoilers: Rana Habeeb ends things with Kate Connor after Adam betrayal


ICoronation Street’s favourite couple is about to come to an end as Kana is set to split after Kate takes her desperation to have a baby way, way too far. Kate Connor and Rana Habeeb have a blazing row as things come to a head and Rana confesses she doesn’t want a baby after all.

The news further devastates Kate, who had managed to get Robert on board to father her and Rana’s baby, but when Michelle said she wanted them to have a child of their own he backed out of the deal. Feeling deflated, she visits Adam to offload her woes, and as they chat he cracks open a nice bottle of scotch.

Under a haze of alcohol, Kate gets an idea – refusing to give up on her dream of a family, could she have found her new baby daddy? Without sharing her thoughts, she seduces Adam into kissing her.

None the wiser, Rana tells Kate she doesn’t want to break up after their baby rows despite her reservations over rushing to expand their family. But the blissful ignorance doesn’t last long as she’s later clued in by Alya who tells her that Imran saw Kate and Adam kiss. Feeling utterly betrayed, Rana tells Kate they’re over.


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