Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan Connor jailed after shocking double down


Ryan Connor could be about to meet his end in Coronation Street as drug dealer Ronan swears revenge for the death of his son Cormac. Ryan panicked and didn’t call an ambulance when Cormac overdosed and despite getting Sophie Webster to cover for him by backing up his story, he is later arrested. Pills are found on him but these are pills that Cormac planted prior to his down.

As Ryan is forced to come clean to the police about what really happened, they warn him that it will be serious for him if these pills match the ones Cormac took. And things are even more complicated as Cormac’s own dealer has also dieid.

Meanwhile, having learned of Ryan’s arrest, Ronan menacingly tells Michelle that he will be waiting for Ryan and he will pay a heavy price when he gets his hands on him. This gets back to Ryan and, deciding that he is safer in prison, he purposely smashes up the police waiting room and kicks an officer to ensure that he is locked up.

But he isn’t as safe as he hopes. Pictures have already revealed that Ronan will pursue him and Michelle in a car crash that ends in carnage. As a crash leaves his life on the line, will Ronan finish him off.


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