Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe d!es in prson stabbing horroor


Sally Metcalfe had her card marked the minute she stepped in between Abi Franklin and the druug dealer in prson in Coronation Street. Initially Abi had promised to protect Sally, but after her release, Sally was left a lone wolf and had to protect herself.

But things looked dire when the drrug dealer, Marcia, was moved in as her new cellmate. Shortly after she moved, in the cell was searched by a prson officer and druggs were discovered.

It was bad news for Sally as Marcia turned on her, believing sheOn the outside, Tim, Sophie and Gina are fighting for her release, desperately attempting to get Duncan confess. But disaster strikes when the conman is hit by a van while trying to evade Tim.

He’s left in a critical condition in hospital, forcing the trio to come up with another plan. They learn his wife May is alive and in town and hope they can use this as leverage for a confession. But can they get it fast enough?

So it was clear their relationship wasn’t going to be all plaiting each other’s hair and sharing beauty tips. But now things are set to get much, much worse.

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