Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe DOOMED as Tim Metcalfe makes rash decision


Coronation Street fans are heartbroken for poor Sally Metcalfe. The beloved resident is currently behind bars for a monetary crime she didn’t commit while the real criminal walks free.

Duncan Radfield was responsible for the fraudulent act and framed Sally for it. Tim Metcalfe has been tirelessly working with Sophie Webster to get his wife free.

In Friday’s episodes, Tim becomes desperate to try and get Sally out considering she was just beaten up by prison bully, Marcia. He tries to get Duncan’s daughter, Olivia Radfield, in to Speed Daal to get the lowdown on her dad.

But like father like daughter, and she isn’t happy to see she’s been lured in by the pair. Olivia angrily calls her father and he turns up. Tim takes it upon himself to confront the criminal and things go from bad to worse.

Duncan removes Olivia from the situation, but he can’t get over Tim’s threatening words. As a result, he dashes off, but foolish Tim is close behind. Sally’s husband is like a dog to a bone and won’t let him go, grabbing him to get a confession from him.

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