Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe roocked as Gina Seddon’s affair plan EXPOSED?


CORONATION STREET’S Sally Metcalfe could be in for a huge shock in upcoming episodes as one particular resident could be about to expose Gina Seddon’s plan to bed Tim Metcalfe. Sall was sentenced to four years behind bars earlier this week on Coronation Street as Duncan Radfield’s framing plot came together.

Duncan had defrauded the council out of £40,000 of charity money, but set up Sally to take the wrap for his fraudulent crimes.

As part of the plan, Duncan convinced Gina and Sally’s husband Tim Metcalfe Sally was having an affair with him. Gina was more than happy to believe Duncan’s lies as she has fallen for her sister’s husband and during tonight’s double trip to the ITV soap, Gina created a bigger rift between the two.

Gina went with Sally’s daughter Sophie Webster to see the innocent inmate, although the supposed supportive sister had to be given a push by Sophie. The daughter seemed shocked Gina was being so reluctant to visit her sister, with Gina telling Sophie if the jury believed she did, then she could of well have done.

As the pair sat down and spoke with Sally, the prisoner questioned them about Tim and why he would believe she had an affair. Sally suggested they could speak to him, Gina cut Sophie off saying Tim wasn’t in the mood for talking.

Sophie went against Gina and reassured her mother they would try, to which Gina added: “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. He needs time. We all need time. Giving into Gina, Sally looked discouraged as Sophie glanced at her aunt in fury, seemingly catching on to Gina’s plan.

Gina continued: “I wish there way something I could do or say Sal, but there’s not,” with Sally admitting she’d wish Tim would come and see her.

“We have to be realistic, you have to find a way of surviving in here,” Gina told her sister with Sophie still looking on in anguish.

Sophie then confronted Tim in the café after speaking with her mother, pleading he speak to her by visiting or calling her. Tim then revealed Gina told him Sally didn’t want to speak him to which Sophie clarified the situation with the doubtful husband giving into Sophie’s pleas.


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