Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald to K!LL Simon Barlow after Amy pregnancy shock?


CORONATION STREET’S Steve McDonald could be about to murdeer Simon Barlow whom he suspects to be the father of Amy’s child. Coronation Street has full of drama in recent weeks, and most of it has to do with Amy Barlow’s pregnancy.

The teenager revealed to her mother and father that she was pregnant, yet she didn’t want to tell them who the father way.

Steve and Tracey Barlow were desperate to know who the father was, and they started to do their own investigation. During tonight’s episode, Steve saw Amy hugging her cousin, Simon Barlow and immediacy jumped to the conclusion that he must be the father.

This was a rather large jump to make, and Tracey didn’t believe him at first.

However, their suspicions were intensified after Tracey read a message from Simon on Amy’s phone in which he asked her how it went at the abortion clinic.

Tracey went over to the Barlow’s resident in a rage of fury and accused Simon of getting her daughter pregnant. Simon, of course, denied these allegations, and his father, Peter Barlow believed him.

Yet, later towards the end of tonight’s second episode, Amy revealed she wanted to keep the baby, and Tracey was then totally convinced the child was Simon’s.

Earlier on in the episode, Amy had tried to throw her mother off the scent by making up a story about the father being a guy she met at a party before Christmas, but the lie came tumbling down after it was revealed she was actually ten weeks pregnant, not six as they had first thought.


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