Coronation Street spoilers: Tyrone Dobbs fears the worst as Evelyn Plummerr goes missing


CORONATION STREET viewers have not seen the vicious Evelyn Plummer for some time, and as Tyrone Dobbs becomes a little worried for her, he begins to fear the worst has happened. The new character joined as the grandmother of Tyrone Dobbs after he attempted to track down his family.

And despite Evelyn’s brutal persona, Tyrone tried his best to see past how difficult she was in order to connect with his long-lost grandmother. However it was later revealed that Evelyn was the person who abandoned Tyrone as a baby, sparking a brutal argument which eventually lead to him cutting all ties with her.

Following this Evelyn cut her losses and decided to go travelling with her friend James. But when James arrives back in Weatherfield without Evelyn, Tyrone begins to get a little worried.

James claims the pair had become separated during the trip, and he hoped she had simply returned home.
Tyrone wastes no time in jumping into action and recruiting local police officer Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) to assist him in this missing persons case.

He goes on to tell Craig Evelyn’s last known location – Paris – to which Craig promises to gather as much information as possible from the police station. It isn’t long before Craig returns to Tyrone with some huge news – however his announcement has not yet been revealed.

Will Craig tell Tyrone his grandmother has somehow been killed on the streets of France? And if so, how will Tyrone take losing the only person who knew about his family?

Otherwise, Evelyn may have gotten out of her situation unscathed and has simply moved elsewhere. If that is the case, Tyrone may be set for a short trip to Paris in the hopes to find Evelyn and bring her home.

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