Coronation Street spoilers: What happens on Corrie next week?


The Dobbs family is torn apart next week on Coronation Street in a series of events starting with Fiz trying to find some dog-friendly accommodation for Tyrone’s battleaxe gran Evelyn.

Tyrone and Hope take Cerberus for a walk but when Tyrone becomes distracted he realises that Hope and Cerberus have disappeared. Hope announces she’s put the dog on a tram to Rochdale and as Tyrone and Fiz break the news to Evelyn, Hope isn’t even sorry.

After finding out Cerberus got off the tram, Evelyn is adamant she will never see him again, causing her to lash out at Fiz and Hope. And Fiz is shocked to discover Tyrone has already found a suitable special school for Hope in Birmingham.

When Hope bites Ruby Fiz accepts Hope needs help and announces she will move to Birmingham with her until she’s better.

Amy reminds Steve and Tracy that under their new contract it’s family night. But when Amy suggests they cancel, Tracy grows suspicious that she has a crush on someone.

While scrolling through her phone she comes to the conclusion that her love interest is Dev’s son Aadi Alahan and reckons she and Steve should set the pair up on a date. But their plan goes awry when Dev explains Aadi point blank refuses to go out with Amy.


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