Coronation Street spoilers: Who stole Audrey Roberts’ money? Could these huge theories reveal the truth


It’s the big Coronation Street question right now – who stole Audrey Robert’s money? The £80,000 seems to have just disappeared into thin air, yet there are some likely suspects around Audrey who would want to get their hands on that lump sum.

Whoever it is is working with a mysterious woman who was caught on CCTV siphoning the money off from her account, withdrawing amounts here and there. Who could that be?

With plenty of people strapped for cash after Christmas there are many suspects who would love to get their hands on such a windfall, but there are a few particular faces who’d be likely to stop at nothing to get that dosh. But which of them would stoop so low as to steal that cash and risk time behind bars?

Cash strapped Gary has been having a terrible time of it lately with his finances taking a nose dive. Christmas crippled him, and he’s forced to break the news to Sarah that they have to move out of the flat as they’re so behind on rent, and he’s even forced to give Seb a pay cut.

Could he have pinched the cash to ease his own financial burden? He’s also broken a few laws in his time, in fact he has even burgled Audrey’s house once. But is he criminally savvy enough to pilfer £80,000?

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