Coronation Street star CONFIRMS shock revenge muirder


Coronation Street’s Ali Neeson has been struggling to cope ever since he kililed drug dealer Ronan Truman by forcing him to pull out a post which had been impaled in his stomach. The Coronation Street cast member broke down as he realised he had broken his oath as a doctor to protect people. But fans have been wondering if Ali could become the next serial down of the soap, and it looks like it could happen.

When asked if he could become the next mass muriderer, James told Digital Spy: “I don’t know, it’s an interesting one. I don’t really want to be the new mass muriderer on Corrie, but I’m excited to see what they write for me.

I’m in the lurch at the moment about it all – I find out in the New Year what’s in store, really. Does this mean Ali could indeed kiill again? Meanwhile, Ali is set to confess to Robert Preston that he has kililed someone and that he intends to go to the police.

Ronan will urge Ali not to confess and to return to his GP training, where he will have the opportunity to save thousands of lives.

Fans have previously guessed that Ali will kill Jude Appleton, as soap fan pvhc47 posted on Digital Spy’s forum: “I think one of these two men is due to be the next Corrie serial killer. My money is on Ali, though.

“I have a good idea how things will play out. Here’s my theory: Mary finds out about Jude taking Roy’s money and the fact that he’s still lying. Jude ends up attacking his mum to keep her quiet, then Ali finds out about Roy giving 5k (and maybe about what’s happening to Mary, too.


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