Corrie set for heartbreaking DUBLE DEAITH as Sinead gives birth early


Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker will be forced to give birth early in upcoming episodes. This is after Sinead and husband Daniel Osbourne find out the devastating news that her cancer has spread. Sinead now needs radiotherapy urgently, which is why she’ll need to give birth prematurely.

The baby is later delivered safely, but Daniel is alarmed to realise that there could be a problem with the little one’s health.

Will the baby survive? A post on the official Coronation Street website reads: “An emotional Daniel introduces Ken to his son, but when the doctor explains he needs to examine the baby privately, Daniel’s deeply concerned.

Coronation Street’s new producer Iain MacLeod recently revealed that even the show’s team have yet to decide the ultimate ending of Sinead’s cancer storyline.

Quizzed about whether Sinead will survive in a recent Corrie press event, MacLeod said: “It’s a really long-running story and we genuinely haven’t decided what we are doing with the ending.

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