Corrie’s Connie Hyde teases bige Christmas episode for Gina Seddon


It’s been a huge few months for Sally Metcalfe and her family in Coronation Street, and things aren’t about to get any better for them over Christmas with Gina Seddon hanging around. With Sally having been sent down after being found guilty of fraud thanks to conman Duncan, Gina has set up camp in her home alongside husband Tim, who’s stopped believing in his wife’s innocence.

No thanks to Gina, who’s been coming between the two wherever possible, and was somewhat responsible for the guilty verdict after being a character witness and giving the jury reason to believe Sally may have had an affair with Duncan.

Now it seems she has her feet firmly under the table, but actress Connie Hyde has hinted at an explosive Christmas ahead for Sally’s tricky sister.

But she added she’s not looking forward to the backlash as she’ll be hiding from fans once the episode airs. Asked if she’ll be watching, she said: ‘Yeah. I’ll probably be bombarding myself in the house, avoiding getting egged!


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