Corrie’s Kym Marsh won’t be called grandma when her daughter gives birth


Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh has revealed she’ll be taking on an usual moniker when she becomes a grandparent. Kym’s daughter Emilie Cunliffe, 21, is expecting her first baby and Kym’s first grandchild in the coming months, and at 42, Kym doesn’t plan on being called grandma just yet.

Speaking on This Morning the actress revealed that she and the family have done a little research and come up with an alternative as she said she just ‘can’t do’ being called grandma.

She told Eamonn and Ruth: ‘I’m really excited about being a grandparent but there’s no way I’m being a grandma, or granny, nanny or any of those things. ‘We looked on a website and found alternative names and I’m going to be Lolly.

‘She just dropped it into conversation while she was casually doing my nails one day,’ Kym said. ‘She said, “I have a bit of a tummy ache but I’m late,” and I was like, “How late?” And she was like, “Well, so many weeks.

And I was like, “Emilie, do you not think we should do a test?” But she was scared. So I kind of foced her.’ Emilie added her mum had taken her into the bathroom where they did the test.

We did this test and immediately she looked at my belly and went, “Hello,”‘ she said. Meanwhile onscreen, Kym’s character Michelle has agreed to have boyfriend Robert’s baby after he revealed his desire to have a family.


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