Corrie’s Sinead and Daniel learn of baby’s gender but there’s tragedy ahead


Sinead and Daniel Osbourne catch a glimpse of what their happy future could be like, but it’s set to be short-lived in Coronation Street. The couple have hit a milestone in their pregnancy as they headed off for a scan and received their first image of their child.

With it they learned its gender – it’s a boy. They revelled in the knowledge that they are to have a son, passing on the good news to Ken that he’s expecting a grandson, and when Daniel felt the baby kick it was like his Christmases had all come at once.

Even Sinead finding out that Ken Barlow had been keeping secrets from her and surreptitiously paying for her alternative therapies didn’t dampen the mood.

But with tragedy on the horizon, the couple’s happiness is not to last and news of a shock death will hit the couple hard.

Sinead is headed for heartbreak when she learns new friend Steff’s cancer has spread and she ultimately loses her life. Steff had recommended Sinead try the alternative therapies she’d been using, but her sudden death makes Sinead realise they didn’t work for Steff, so might not work for her.


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