Coughing teen asks dad to take her to hospital – within hours, he’s left broken


Teen is coughing and asks dad to take her to hospital – within hours the truth becomes apparent
It’s common for people to get sick during the winter months. It’s also common for people to put off going to the doctors or the hospital, particularly if all they’re experiencing is coughing.

We’ve all been there before; you get sick, take some time to rest and gradually get better.

If you’re symptoms persist, however, and you feel sick for a prolonged period of time, then it might well be a good idea to at least call a health care helpline and ask for advice …

Whilst it’s true that normally your body is strong enough to fight off flu and colds without medical intervention, in some cases the cough you’re experiencing can be down to something far more sinister than a mere virus.

16-year-old Shayla Mitchell didn’t feel quite right, and was suffering from a cough that refused to go away. In the beginning, she thought she might have contracted sinusitis.

One day, however, things got so bad that she asked her dad, Tom, if he could take her to see a doctor.
He gladly accepted, and the next day after school he picked his daughter up and drove her to the hospital. They even made plans to go for food afterwards.

Shayla was examined and the doctor left the room for a time. When he returned, he did so with a message that would change her life forever.

Shayla had such a large cancerous tumor that it took up almost two-thirds of her breasts. It had even caused one of her lungs to collapse, which is why she had been feeling bad for so long and couldn’t stop coughing.

Despite the news, Shayla and her dad decided to press on with dinner, though of course they had to have it in hospital instead of a restaurant. At that time, they had no idea that the next 450 meals they would take would be in the pediatric oncology unit at Fairfax Hospital.

Shayla had advanced Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and the prognosis wasn’t good. Tom decided to make a gesture to show his daughter she would always have his support. He went to a store and bought a matching bracelet for each of them, promising he would wear his every day until Shayla beat the cancer.

Over the next few years, Tom spent hundreds of nights with his daughter while they battled the terrible disease together.

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