Dancing On Ice 2019: Brian McFadden explains dramatic semi final fall in BRAND NEW footage


DANCING ON ICE returns with the final next Sunday, but all everyone is talking about is last night’s dramatic fall when Brian McFadden dropped Alex Murphy while the pair were attempting a lift. Dancing On Ice viewers tuned in to see Brian McFadden and professional ice skating partner Alex Murphy leave the competition last night.

After a dreaded skate off where Brian dropped Alex on the ice whilst attempting a lift, they were sent home, narrowly missing out on the final.

Joining Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning earlier today, Brian and Alex re-watched the fall and discussed what happened. And viewers were given new and exclusive content of the mishap from another angle to really see how it occurred.

As the clip played out he continued: “There you go, that’s the new angle,” to which Alex was heard joking: “It looked like a wrestling match.”

“What happened?” Holly questioned: “Alex what happened there, because you go to lift…” When we came around the corner, I had done that lift already in the night but we do it the other way. So when we came around the corner I looked at my feet and went, ‘are my feet supposed to be like that?’ Then I thought, ‘just do it, just lift her’,” Brian explained.

“You kind of forget you’re on skates, so I lent to try and pick her up and when you lean on a skate your skate just comes out at the back.

“He’s so tall I couldn’t reach the ground to come back down,” Alex added. “So I tried to find my footing and I couldn’t.

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