Dedicated Coronation Street fan has ‘Save Our Sally’ tattooed on his leg in honour of imprisoned Sally Metcalfe


We all want Sally Metcalfe free in time for a nice Coronation Street Christmas, but this man seems to want it more than most. Richard Draper has thrown his full lifelong support behind the wrongfully incarcerated Sal by getting a permanent inking on his leg in protest of what conman Duncan has done.

Years ago there was ‘free the Weatherfield One’ which spawned all sorts of merchandise with poor old Deidre Barlow’s face on after she was banged up for a crime she didn’t commit, but while those t-shirts and posters did the job, that kind of action just won’t cut it this time around.

The 36-year-old is one of many fans to protest Sally’s innocence, and he’s taken his dedication to the cause to the next level. The dad-of-three has had SOS – Save Our Sally tattooed on his leg after becoming absorbed in Sally’s fraud storyline in which Duncan framed her for a crime she didn’t commit.

The factory worker was sent down after her own sister’s testimony in which Gina, instead of defending her sibling, said that it is possible Sally had an affair with Duncan and gave the jury reason to believe she could be a criminal.

And now it’s Sophie’s mission – along with the eternal support of Richard – to get her conviction overturned. Richard, a tattoo artist, said: ‘I am a big Coronation Street fan, and since I’ve been following the story of Sally I knew that she was innocent.

It’s crazy to watch what is happening to her on the show, and she definitely needs to be freed. I got Save Our Sally tattooed onto my leg to support the poor woman, and make it clear that she was really innocent.


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