Doctor Performing C-Section CAN’T FIND Mom’s Baby. When He Starts Crying, They Realize The Mistake…


Giving birth to a baby is the most beautiful and painful moment in a woman’s life. They say a mother is born for the second time with the birth of her baby. What happened to this lady will make you want to cry.

Amber Hughes, a 21-year-old from Leicester, saw her partner going in a shock while the doctor attempted to deliver their son, Olly, via C-Section. Due to some complications, the operation had to be done at 30 weeks.

#3 What is C-Section?

Caesarean section is performed when delivering the baby through vagina might put the mother or the child’s life at risk. One or more wound is made through the mpother’s abdomen and uterus to deliver the baby. Read on to know what her partner saw and what was the mistake the doctors made. Be ready to be moved!

The doctors realised that the surgery was performed after she had delivered the baby naturally. Her partner was horrified to see that there was no baby in the abdomen.

“I didn’t even receive an apology. The doctor just explained that my baby had already began his descent in the birth canal when they cut me open and it was an odd situation,” Amber recalled. “I now have a visible scar that wasn’t needed, and I’m still recovering from my C-section.

Because Olly was premature, he weighed 3 pounds at birth. They were discharged from the hospital 5 weeks after the birth. It was almost 2 minutes before they had noticed that the baby had already won his fight.

“I was literally going into meltdown, where had my baby gone? It couldn’t just disappear,” Amber said. “Suddenly we heard something. Then they found Olly under the sheet, having passed naturally.

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