Elderly Couple Being Evicted After Grandson Scamed Them By Selling Their Home


Family. We all have a family of some kind. Not all families are made up of bloodd relatives these days.

Some people have an excellent support system with family. But then other people are sadly taken advantage of by their own flesh and bllood. Talk about gratitude! Helen and Hank Kawecki’s grandson tricked them into signing over the deed to their house to him.

He told them they were signing papers for a loan. Their grandson, the con artist’s plan was discovered by a neighbor Doug Emerson. Emerson alerted the couple when he saw a realtor come to the house while the couple was out. Sadly, the Kawecki’s are now taking legal action against their grandson.

But because of the papers they signed, they still have to pack up their things. They have lost their house and are being evicted. This is just sad.

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