Electrician fixes broken heat for free, only for struggling couple to lure him back with false


There are few things worse than returning home on a cold winter’s day to find that your heating isn’t working. For some of us (those who live in temperate countries, for example), it can be an annoyance. For others, it can be a dangerous prospect.

Stacy and Josh Lemonds of Oklahoma City got home in the dead of winter one day, only to find their heat was out. The electric company pulled their meter and said it was a fire hazard due to the condition of the wires.

As a result, the couple were left without electricity until the system could be repaired and inspected once more. The issue was that both Stacy and Josh were out of work at the time and lacked the necessary finances to pay for adequate repairs. They had to pray, and so pray they did …

With luck seemingly standing against them, Stacy and Josh turned to their church marriage group to ask that their community collectively pray with them. In answer, a man named Joshua Matthews reached out to them personally.

The couple had done Joshua a kind turn in the recent past, having met the man through the aforesaid church marriage group. They’d learned his wife was sick, and so brought warm meals to his home in a bid to aid her recovery. They had no idea, of course, that this selfless act of compassion would be returned so soon.

Helping hand
It transpired that Josh was working as an apprentice with Dane Electric. He was forthcoming with any insight he might have towards helping the struggling couple, and pledged his efforts.

And so Josh spent a number of days in the cold working to restore the Lemonds’ heat. It was cold, wet, often dark, and dangerous, but each day he returned to his ladder and got to work.

Eventually, Joshua and his company were able to get Stacy and Josh’s electricity back up and running … at absolutely no cost to them.

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