Emmerdale fan-favourite DEAAD after hit-and-run crash?


Bad girl Leanna Cavanagh teamed up with Noah Dingle and Amelia Spencer to cause havoc in the village. Leanne and Noah broke into the Spencers’ house before being caught by Amelia, though they persuaded her to join in their mischief. They stole Daz Spencer’s car and went for a joyride, though things went seriously wrong.

Amelia decided she wanted out of the plan and grabbed Leanna’s hair, causing the troubled teen to crash. The trio fled the scene and a drunken Daz soon found it as he was walking back to the village.

He took it for a spin to head home and, after a few near misses, his luck finally ran out. Daz prayed that whatever he’d hit hadn’t made a dent in the car, though he soon had more to worry about.

Another car stopped and realised a person had been hit, causing Daz to flee and report his car as stolen. Soon enough, police turned up in the village and began asking questions after finding Noah’s phone in the car.

He swore that he was innocent – at least for the hit-and-run – while Daz was pleading ignorance as he’d already reported his car missing.

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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