Emmerdale fans lose their minds over saucy strippersi: ‘Just choked on my tea’


In tonight’s Emmerdale, the Woolpack was set to be the stage for a group of hunky strippers, as organised by Bob Hope. However he got news that the troupe had to cancel, meaning the show was thrown into doubts. Ever the exhibitionist, Bob decided the only option was to perform himself, alongside some of the other village – er – people.

Bob even managed to book a club from nearby Northallerton to make up the numbers – though it was a knitting and baking group full of pensioners. Still, they ended up downing their drinks and ordering fancy cocktails, leaving a huge smile on Charity Dingle’s face. But viewers weren’t quite as happy, with one tweeting: “What the hell am I watching? I need to cover my eyes and fast.

Another said: “So, Emmerdale then… Mostly the urgh ones stripping off but then Pete gave me hope and nope, didn’t get to see a thing.

Just Bob, thrashing around like a t***. Who came up with this stupid storyline? Somebody else laughed: “I’ve just choked on my tea, this is such a mess. And a fourth person added: “Eating my dinner and Bob from Emmerdale’s on my telly thrusting his hips in Union Jack undies. What on Earth.

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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