Emmerdale fans turn on Jessie as she does THIS: ‘Oh p**s off’


However, Jessie is also fuming as Robert beat Billy up when he came back to the village.

This has caused a huge feud being Chas and Marlon. And viewers certainly think Jessie is to blame for the Dingle feud. Some have even called for her to leave the show so peace can be restored. One Twitter viewer fumed: “All I can say is go on Chas. Is there any chance Jessie could leave.

While another blasted: “Jessie is so deluded. A third chimed in: “Oh shut up Jessie and p**s off. Marlon is upset as he wanted Chas and Paddy to be witnesses as he and Jessie made their marriage legal.

Jessie tried to postpone their wedding tonight until things blow over, however Marlon wouldn’t let her. Some won’t be happy that it seems she’ll be sticking around for now.

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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