Emmerdale newcomer MURDEREDI in brutall hit and run?


The Emmerdale cast member thinks Billy is dangerous, and has so far refused to have anything to do with them, leading their mum Jessie Grant to intervene. She encourages Billy to come with her and Marlon to the Bear Wolf meet and greet, but is shocked when Billy gets aggressive with Frank Clayton.

While Jessie is prepared to give him another chance, Ellis is still suspicious of him, especially when he sees him with his girlfriend Victoria Sugden.

After he cancelled a date with Victoria last minute, Ellis panics Billy is trying to muscle in on their romance. Outside the pub, Ellis threatens Billy and tells him to stay away from his girlfriend, and it isn’t long before things turn violent.

The fight escalators and Ellis steals keys to a van which he drives straight at his brother. As Billy stands his ground in front of the incoming vehicle, Ellis shows no signs of slowing down. Looks like Jessie could be about to lose one of her sons one way or the other…

Source: dailystar.co.uk

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